Content: why should you invest on it?

You don’t have to be a technology lover to recognize that the Internet has really revolutionized. Just look sideways and it won’t be hard to find someone with glassy eyes on the screen of a smartphone, surfing the internet. But what does this revolution have to do with your business? I would start by saying that everything…

It doesn’t matter much if you have a physical or online business. Your customers and the whole market niche you want to reach is exactly like this: with your eyes glassy on the screen of a mobile phone, surfing the Internet. But I know, and you must also have noticed that this huge number of potential customers are not connected to the Internet with the sole purpose of shopping. We can even say that many consumers still have restrictions with online purchases, due to the lack of trust and the possibility of fraud. It was not only Instagram filters that taught us this: on the internet it is possible to build a scenario far removed from reality.

Results depend on relationship

A good part of the Internet users who are connected are, in some way, relating to each other. Therefore, if your business still does not have a channel that enables the relationship, know that you are wasting an enormous potential to engage and attract your customers.

But how can I build an online relationship channel and sell my products and services through it? Well, I can tell you that if you try to do it in that old way, overemphasizing the quality of your products or services and trying to push them to your customers, you have a better chance of becoming a pain in the ass than closing a sale.

The truth is that no one else wants to pay to consume advertising in the package. This has caused Netflix to transform the audio visual industry, for example. And the old traditional media system that fed the big channels, through advertising, is ruining. Since consumers have discovered that they can consume content without having to take an ad with them, in an almost “tie-in” system, the critical sense and the way to evaluate a product or service has changed a lot. If your company can’t see this, maybe it’s time to review some concepts, especially if you’re looking for results.

Your consumers today seek relationship. They want to know that their product effectively solves what they need. They want to know that your brand thinks like them. They want to build a relationship of trust and respect. They want to be helped.

As much as you have invested millions in quality and your product has unique characteristics in the market, most of your consumers don’t want to know that. They want to know how your product can help them, which is very different.

In the past, most brands used the technique of overvaluing the product or service, based on its qualities. This is the kind of mechanism that can awaken the urge to consume, but does not generate the confidence that so many need to buy something, especially if we talk about the online universe.

Everyone has a place in the sun

With the internet it is also true that the monopoly that large companies had, through access to the media, is over and the market is becoming much more diverse and accessible, since any company investing much less can achieve visibility through the web.

However, even if the investment is smaller, this does not mean that you can dispense with the exact tools to achieve your goals. And, the truth is that these tools will be nothing if you don’t have a single and indispensable detail called: quality content.

Yes, only through content you can give visibility, create a good relationship with your customers, attract potential customers, position your brand and help your customers during the purchase decision process. Only the content allows you to get closer to your customers, without you becoming the pain in the ass who is looking to sell everything all the time.

Creating quality content, in turn, requires work. And the results only come through time, i.e. to the extent that the relationship you build with your online channels promotes trust, authority and credibility.

If before companies were immensely focused on their products and services, seeking unique qualities that differentiated them in the market, today most companies want to understand their consumers, or approach them ensuring that they are loyal to their brand and also to their business.

However, unfortunately I see that many companies, as much as they recognize the importance of content marketing, are still more willing to invest in marketing than in content, detaching the tools from strategies and, unintentionally, devaluing the importance of good content.

In other words, I see companies investing a lot of money in AdWords, worried about SEO, ROI and so many other metrics, but do not feel willing to invest in quality content and end up putting anything in their online channels with the sole purpose of seeing numbers, without having the dimension that numbers do not always indicate results.

Content = words + strategy

A good content passes through the evaluation of its potential client, adapting all its communication to him. Your client needs to be studied to the point where you can produce content that can catch him when he is there, as if he wants nothing, browsing the web at the same time. Without this, I swear, you can invest all your money in campaigns and sponsored posts, which you, unfortunately, will not have results. Content marketing is not just marketing and not just content. It is a careful junction of tools with quality content aimed at achieving a result.

There are no magic formulas when it comes to content. Each company represents a world, each niche market as well. It is necessary to study the ideal content to reach your client and keep testing the best strategies. And yes, like all relationships, it will take some time for you to start seeing the first results. But for sure, this investment will have a very high value for your business.

What about you? Have you ever thought about investing in content marketing? Do you have questions about the benefits that content can bring to your business? Get in touch and learn more!

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