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Hi, I’m Helga!

Words are one of the main forms of connection in times of excessive distraction. Words link business to consumers, entrepreneurs to opportunities, people to solutions. Exploring the power of words is my passion.

Hi, I’m Helga. I write online content to help small business to create a better relationship with their clients, gain more visibility on internet and sell better.

I work as a freelancer writer and copywriter since 2013. After seven years working as a lawyer, I decide to dedicate my career for what I truly love: words.

So, do you need help with your content or your copy?

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Do you need converting copy for your website? I can write that for you! Whether it’s a sales page, service page, about page or shop page, I can turn your bland copy into persuasive copy that converts.

Content Writing

You don’t have enough time to write your content? Blogging is my thing! And I can turn your blog into a strong marketing tool too, using the best techniques of SEO, storytelling and more!


Too busy to write? Let me take over and write for you. I’m a ghostwriter with no problem writing in your voice and brand.

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